The Greeting Farm : Get Breezy!

Hey everyone!
I'm super happy to show you a card I did with all my heart since it's posted on my birthday, and as always, using the best colouring paper on EARTH for alcohol markers, Cryogen White from Paper Temptress!

I used my first ever TGF stamp, Hula Anya, with a no-line colouring technique and a beachy breezy background to give the card a snazzy look! The Cryogen White's thickness really lets you put a lot of ink without fearing to oversoak the paper too quickly, so that you can do a lot of layers.

Want to to a beach background, too? Just go HERE to learn how my friend Deborah does hers!

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Lizzy Smith a dit...

It IS very snazzy !! Love it! I've gone back to using the Cryogen again, don't know why I ever stopped. Now I have a stack of Xpressit just collecting dust, grrrr.